The VALUED 365 Story

We believe making the most out of life every single day is important, VALUED 365 is designed to help make that possible for everyone!

Ann Myers is the Founder & CEO of VALUED 365, an Exclusive Savings Membership created to make it easy to save money, every day. The idea behind Ann creating VALUED 365 stems from two beliefs she has held throughout her life. First that living your best life possible regardless of your income or budget is important. The second is the importance of letting people you care about know they are appreciated, they are valued.

Those two core beliefs were the blueprint of VALUED 365. A 21st century, big impact, low-cost, sustainable membership platform that helps members stretch their money further, by enabling them to enjoy more of what life has to offer and feel the joy of saving every time they use their VALUED 365 membership. Average savings is $2000 annually and every membership provides $100 to $500 in Travel Credits.

VALUED 365’s participation in the 63rd GRAMMY Awards® Official GRAMMY® Gift Bag was a tremendous opportunity to further Ann’s desire to make a positive impact. Celebrating life is the what VALUED 365 is all about and the GRAMMY’s® is one of the biggest celebrations there is. The gift that VALUED 365 provided the GRAMMY VIP’s went well beyond the Elite Level membership for them to enjoy. Ann designed a streamlined way for them to share the GRAMMY experience with their fans and followers so they could purchase a VALUED 365 membership at PURCHASE the regular price, helping the VIP’s say thank you in a meaningful way and give back to an important charity, MusiCares.

As part of the VALUED 365 2021 corporate social responsibility commitment. VALUED 365 has partnered with MusiCares® to help support musicians during these difficult times. 20% of all membership sales supports MusiCares® providing an important safety net to the music community.

The 63rd GRAMMY Awards®️ commitment to inclusion, diversity & equity increased the speed of VALUED 365’s platform expansion to highlight under-represented businesses throughout communities nationwide so that members can discover & support these businesses all year.

An entrepreneur, business owner, and designer Ann used all her life experiences into making VALUED 365 what it is today. As a fashion designer she started her own label and LA design house, developing cutting edge products in women’s contemporary & baby apparel markets and selling her unique designs to Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and boutiques nationwide,  receiving accolades for her “Touch of Love” baby massage onesie featured on Good Morning America, in USA Today, and Us magazine. Managing the design, development, sales, production, and fulfillment of her products was an arduous task, but inevitably provided a valuable understanding of how to successfully create and deliver “new” products to market.

Throughout her career Ann worked with a variety of companies, many giving gifts to their employees and/or clients to show their appreciation, some expensive, some not, but all had one thing in common, they were rarely if ever used. Realizing businesses throughout the U.S. needed a new way to show their appreciation, the importance of VALUED 365 became even more apparent.

It took 6 years to cement the digital and brand partnerships that have become VALUED 365. An affordable, easy to use, high value, digital download exclusive savings membership platform with over 1 Million local and national top tier product and service retailers providing discounts of up to PURCHASE with unlimited use for an entire year.

Today VALUED 365 has become a vibrant community of happy savers, using their easy-access online and mobile app to save every day, wherever they go. Our members live in small towns and large cities throughout the United States and have come to count on the exceptional savings the VALUED 365 provides where they live, work, and wherever they travel.

If you are considering purchasing a VALUED 365 exclusive savings membership, we are confident you will be thrilled with your purchase; to the point that VALUED 365 becomes your go-to gift for all occasions. A gift that provides not only an easy way for the recipients to live their best life but acts as a reminder that they are appreciated, they are valued!

 VALUED 365 initial purpose has grown in a short time by not only helping members live their best life & show appreciation, they have broadened their impact with their support of BIPOC-owned businesses while raising money for MusiCares, a wonderful cause! 

The Values of VALUED 365

These core values are essential to who we are as a company as a community. We strive to implement these values daily, through our work, our attitude, and our purpose.

We Strive Every Day

Our goal is to provide our community of savers an easy, effective and life changing way to live their best life possible.

We Value Our Community

Every member is at the center of everything we do. Our promise is to serve their needs and exceed their expectations through the exceptional savings we deliver daily.

We Deliver Happiness

Our passion to find new and exciting ways to save is what drives us every day, so our VALUE 365 members can save more, do more and live better!